Mens Baby Carrier Hoodies

Modern dads love being part of bringing up their babies. Bonding with dad is great for your baby and supports a loving relationship. Buy your man of heart a stylish baby carrier jacket so that he too can be close to your baby when out and about. Choose from fleece, sweat or softshell. With easy to zip-in and out carrying insert and practical features for a rounded babywearing experience for dad and baby.

Why buying a baby carrying jacket for dad helps mum too?

A baby needs lots of love from both parents from the minute he or she is born. Love that gives security to fully arrive into this new world. Bonding is a great way to help your baby. Being close to mum and dad is best achieved by babywearing. A totally natural way of giving warmth, skin to skin contact and being able to respond quickly to your baby’s need.

Modern fathers want to actively participate in family life and in the upbringing of their children. Babywearing is an important part of this and many dads like to take on this responsibility. Taking baby for a walk to calm he or she down gives e.g. mum a much needed rest. Talking to your baby whilst babywearing gives him or her a feel of safety.

Buying a fitting jacket for baby carrying dads makes the whole experience more comfortable for dad because the cut is made to allow enough room for movement. All currently available baby carrier can be worn under the jacket.

And when dad isn’t babywearing he zips out the insert and wears the jacket as casual jacket. Your money goes further as you have a jacket with two functions. If you buy a jacket where you can zip-in the insert at the back you have even three functions.

You can choose from three popular materials: fleece, sweat or softshell.


We use certified fleece for our men’s carrier jacket. It keeps dad and baby warm on colder days of the year.


If you prefer a more sporty and casual jacket choose sweat as material.


Softshell is a great material in all weathers. Perfect for hiking, walking and all things outdoor.

Great gift for new dads

Buy your man his own baby carrying jacket for his birthday, at Christmas or when your baby is born. He deserves a gift too and will love it. We also gift wrap it on request.

Shop now for men’s baby carrier jackets and hoodies and get it delivered to your doorstep!