Pregnant with twins – Jule wears our maternity fashion

Being pregnant with twins often means that plans made are thrown overboard. Can I do tandem breastfeeding? How should I cope with everyday life? Can I carry the twins together at all? A visit to our shop in Berlin by a future twin mom brought an unexpected photo shoot and a new acquaintance.

Maternity and nursing fashion at our Viva la Mama shop in Berlin
Try on maternity and nursing fashion as well as carrying jackets in our Viva la Mama shop at Wilhelmshavener Str. 63 in 10551 Berlin, Germany

Some time ago Jule visited us in our little shop for maternity and nursing fashion in Berlin. She lives not far from our shop and is pregnant with twins. Jule was looking for a maternity jacket which she could later wear to carry her twin boys.

Carrying babies in a big city has many advantages. On  one hand, you can’t get everywhere or through and often not even to city train or subway stations with a twin stroller. On the other hand, babies need to be close to their mom, especially when they are affected by unknown noises and smells of a city.

Jule wears softshell jacket MELLORY bordeaux with pregnancy insert
Plenty of room for Jule’s twin baby bump in our softshell coat MELLORY grey-bordeaux.

After an extensive advice by Gunda, Jule decided for our Softshellcoat MELLORY. As the date of birth is in late summer, she chose the perfect jacket for autumn and winter. What Jule found great was that she could wear the jacket with the pregnancy insert as maternity jacket until birth. So she combined a maternity and carrying jacket in one jacket.

Later, she told us, she would like to front carry her two baby boys next to each other. Since the jacket comes with only one carrying insert, Jule and Gunda have found the optimal solution after some thoughts and trying out. We simply sew her a second carrying insert and Jule zips it into the front. We tested it in the store and it worked great.

Because we got along so well with Jule – as a triple mom Gunda could immediately give her the best family addresses in the neighbourhood – we arranged a little photo shoot with her.

Jule has of course also browsed our range of maternity and nursing shirts and immediately fell in love with our 3in1 shirt Karlotta in bordeaux-pink. By the way, under the white lace border there is a zipper hidden which is not visible from the outside. If you open it, you can nurse your baby without having to pull up the shirt. Discreet and so comfortable, found also Jule and has already imagined how she will breastfeed the twins in it!

The blouse LILLY in mint is particularly figure-flattering and also goes well with office outfits. After all, every pregnant woman wants to look good, even if she may not feel that way every day. Of course Jule will be able to breastfeed in this blouse later. She can pull the two layers of fabric apart and get to the breast quickly and easily.

With her beautiful twin baby belly, Jule has tested some of our carrying jackets for us, which can also be worn as maternity jackets until birth. Take a look for yourself, whether it’s fleece, sweat or softshell: her baby belly has plenty of room and her pregnant look is so much prettier with this solution than a borrowed big jacket from her partner 😉.

All that trying on, chatting and laughing made us hungry and so after the photo shoot we went to a small restaurant around the corner for a tasty bite to eat. There was new energy for the future twin mother and a caffeine refill for Gunda. Among (prospective) moms there is of course a lot to talk about! In addition, it is always super interesting and important for us to receive feedback and new suggestions directly from you, to learn about your problems or wishes.

Invitation to photo shoot to pregnant and new mums
We are looking for real mamas who want to be photographed in our Viva la Mama fashion. Get in touch with us.

We would like to thank Jule for the spontaneous acceptance of this photo session. We had a lot of fun together and Jule was able to properly test our jackets and maternity shirts. We wish Jule all the best for the coming weeks and are looking forward to seeing her with the twins in the shop.

Are you also pregnant or a new breastfeeding and/or babywearing mom? Do you live in Berlin or Leipzig? Then feel free to contact us! We are always looking for real mummies who want to be photographed in our fashion. Write us or call us (Tel. +49 (0)30 23912893)! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Yours, Gunda and Katja