Nursing friendly fashion – comfortable, practical and beautiful

You‘re already familiar with the many good reasons for breastfeeding. Now you may be wondering what nursing fashion is all about.

You may have noticed yourself that most of the clothes in your wardrobe are not ideal for breastfeeding. Either because they no longer fit after pregnancy or because they are simply impractical for breastfeeding your baby.

Here we explain why wearing a suitable breastfeeding top makes breastfeeding easier for you. We’ll show you how to breastfeed your baby without exposing your breast, stomach or back. And we promise you that breastfeeding with a dress is not only possible, it also makes you look good.

Stylish breastfeeding fashion from Viva la Mama
Stylish breastfeeding fashion from Viva la Mama

Why breastfeeding fashion makes your life with baby easier

We knowing from our own experience that life with a young baby can be stressful. Breastfeeding is demanding and takes time to get used to. However, once you and your baby are settled into a routine nursing your baby is a pleasant and rewarding experience for you both. You will feel an overwhelming love for your baby and a huge satisfaction from breastfeeding.

Here are 9 reasons why it‘s worthwhile having the right clothes when breastfeeding

  1. Extremely comfortable fabrics which are certified in accordance with Eco-Tex 100
  2. Invisible breastfeeding access via zippers or double layered fabrics
  3. Easy to care for material, machine wash, jersey doesn‘t need ironing
  4. Clever cuts that allow you to also wear the clothes during pregnancy as maternity clothes – saving you money
  5. Saves you even more money because you can wear Viva la Mama breastfeeding fashion long after your baby is born
  6. You want to look stylish and want to feel feminine in your new role as young mother
  7. Breastfeeding wherever you are – discreet and non exposing
  8. Keeps you out of draughts and covered while you feed your baby
  9. While baby gets tons of presents you deserve presents too. Why not asking family, friends and colleagues for a gift voucher? So that you can get a lovely breastfeeding shirt or a colourful nursing dress you‘ve seen on our Viva la Mama website

Why are breastfeeding clothes different?

We have shown you the reasons why it is worthwhile wearing breastfeeding clothes. Now, what else can breastfeeding clothes do for you? Why are they different from your normal T-shirt or jumper?

Breastfeeding dress MILLA mint from Viva la Mama - nursing mum
Breastfeeding in the MILLA mint dress is uncomplicated and discreet thanks to the double layer of fabric. Customer photo.

The obvious answer are the invisible breastfeeding openings in the clothes. Because we want you to look stylish and feel comfortable we made the breastfeeding access easy for you. While you hold your baby in one hand you can simply either pull up the double layer of fabric on the side you want to nurse your baby. Open your bra and let your baby latch on. Simple, with no fuss.

A second version uses small and almost invisible zippers. You open them either from the side just under your bust or you have a zipper on each side.

When you wear normal shirts, jumpers or dresses you will either expose your breasts or your tummy and often your back. This is particularly unpleasant when you feed your baby while you‘re out and about. And who wants to catch a cold while caring for a baby?

Really cute top! I love the functionality of it, so happy to have found a shop that’s geared towards stylish breastfeeding/friendly clothing options. Will be shopping here again!
Karen S., Freiburg

Nursing on the go – discreet and comfortable

Breastfed babies have their own rhythm when it comes to feeding times. So when you‘re out for a walk or sitting in your favourite cafe with your friend your baby might want an urgent feed – NOW. Babies don‘t know patience. Their needs have to be met quickly.

How wonderful it is to just sit, lift the layer of fabric and let your baby drink. You can relax, sit back and watch your baby. Or enjoy your cafe visit and keep chatting with your friend. No need to fiddle with your clothes to keep the draught out or to cover your breast with a scarf.

Relaxed breastfeeding wherever you are with Viva la Mama nursing fashion - breastfeeding mom in a hammock at the lake
Relaxed breastfeeding wherever you are with Viva la Mama nursing fashion

Breastfeeding clothes make nursing your baby in public very convenient and discreet. And at home it couldn‘t be easier. You can quickly satisfy you baby thanks to the uncomplicated breastfeeding access in your Viva la Mama nursing shirt or jumper.

Why breastfeeding clothes are worth every penny

Have you asked yourself why you should spend a bit extra money on special clothing for breastfeeding? Might the pile of old t-shirts in the corner of your wardrobe do the job? Or what about your husband‘s old sweater?

Here are 4 good reasons why breastfeeding clothes are worthwhile having

  1. Our cuts and patterns are designed for this special time in your life when your body shape changes – you can still look good when nursing
  2. Invisible breastfeeding access build into the shirt, jumpers and dresses for easy and discreet nursing
  3. You can wear VLM nursing clothes already during pregnancy – saves you money
  4. The VLM 3 in 1 benefit: you can wear our clothing long after your baby has finished nursing which saves you even more money

Because we use specially chosen materials which stretch to match your body shape you can wear VLM clothing during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and afterwards as normal clothes. The nursing access is practically invisible as openings and therefore you have a perfectly lovely shirt, jumper or dress for any time during and after your pregnancy.

What size to choose for your breastfeeding clothes?

There is no extra size chart for VLM breastfeeding clothes. All our shirts, jumpers, dresses and babywearing jackets have the growing space build into the cuts and patterns. The materials stretch and extra width comes with cuts, folds or extra material hidden under zippers.

We can assure you that you‘ll have plenty of room in our clothes for your bigger bust during the time you are breastfeeding.

We use the international size charts and give guidance in every product description.

Of course, you want look stylish and chic while nursing your baby! No need to make yourself invisible (or worse) in an old, non-fitting t-shirt!

Looking beautiful as young mum

We invite you to be proud of your achievement: carrying a baby, giving birth and breastfeeding your baby. Show everybody how beautiful you look! No reason to longingly looking at your friend‘s new dress. Have one of your own, suitable for your new role as mother – chic, modern and with the functionality you need.

Choose your favourite breastfeeding shirt, jumper or dress now!

You deserve your new breastfeeding dress or shirt because it makes your breastfeeding as convenient and descreet as you need it to be.

Colleagues, friends and family – all want to give you a present? Why not suggest a gift voucher from our shop? Choose your new nursing dress now, just for you!

Here you find our whole range of nursing dresses, nursing shirts, nursing jumpers as well as baby carrying jackets in fleece, sweatshirt material or softshell. Good news for modern dads! We have baby carrying jackets for dads too!

Wishing you a successful and pleasant experience nursing your baby!

Your Viva la Mama team

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