Neuste Kollektion für Frühling und Sommer – ein Fotoshooting mit Viva la Mama

We thought we’d launch the Viva la Mama blog by sharing a few behind the scenes insights from our latest photo shoot. You’ll love our spring and summer collection of maternity dresses, nursing shirts and babywearing jackets. We think you  won’t be able to get enough of our trendy cuts, colors and patterns. So, relax and watch us at work.

Preparing for a photo shoot can be nerve-racking. The car boot didn’t open – the lock was frozen! So was the water in the model’s water bottles, because we’d left them in the car over night. It was a pretty cold start. But we put the kettle on and soon the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the studio. Bliss!

Within a few minutes the room was transformed into a spring-like oasis. Bright lights lit up the studio and gave us a bit of warmth. Time to crack on. With numerous summer shirts and dresses on the rack we were transported into the maternity and breastfeeding world. We being Gunda, Katja, our models Maya and Kristina and our lovely photographer Anke from Anune Fotologie.

Changing in and out of clothes is exhausting. Every dress and top comes in different colors, which means each variation needs the exact same positions in the product photos – it’s a lot to keep track of! Maya and Kristina, our models, had to quickly change from being  pregnant to breastfeeding to casual wear look. While time is of essence during any photo session, an occasional break is necessary. Here you can see Maya taking a well-earned rest while Gunda checks the photo schedule.

Maternity dresses are so comfortable.v
Maternity dresses are so comfortable.

In case you’re wondering, we never hire models through an agency. We either know each other personally or through recommendation. That makes the whole session a lot of fun, very relaxed and, best of  all, productive. We’re like one big family and it’s a real pleasure working with the girls. And, we’re always so grateful to our wonderful photographer Anke. She definitely keeps us on track. Her clear instructions are so helpful for the models and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Thank you Anke von Anune!

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