Maternity Jackets for Spring – Introducing Cleo

Trendy maternity jackets for spring and summer are very popular with many moms-to-be. CLEO from the Viva la Mama spring collection is made of lightweight summer sweat and is now available in many colours and new pattern. This maternity jacket comes with two easy to zip-in inserts, one for pregnancy and one for converting to babywearing. Versatile and long-lasting – these are maternity jackets for spring you’ll fall in love with for years to come!

Click an image above to take a look at CLEO to see just how versatile and stylish our latest 3 in 1 maternity jackets are.

The Inspiration Behind our Latest Maternity Jackets for Spring

Towards the end of last year we were planning our spring collection and still needed inspiration for this year’s lightweight maternity jacket collection. As Gunda, one of our co-founders, was collecting her youngest son from the local kindergarten her head was swimming with possibilities.

We like to ‘road test’ all our designs ourselves and so often wear items from our collections and prototypes when we’re out and about. We want to make sure the Viva la Mama ranges are comfortable and practical as well as great looking! So, when a pregnant friend from kindergarten approached Gunda and asked where she’d bought her lovely top she told her about Viva la Mama and what we do.

As Gunda and the other mom got chatting the idea for our latest maternity jackets for spring began to take shape. This mom already had a toddler and had always loved the idea of babywearing. But, she really didn’t want to buy two jackets, one for while she was pregnant and another for later when babywearing.

And, because the baby is due in April and warmer weather is (hopefully) on the way, the mom didn’t really want a heavier weight jacket suitable for winter months. As they chatted, the list of design criteria kept growing, as did Gunda’s excitement when she realised the inspiration for our new maternity jackets for spring stood in front of her!

Practical and Stylish

The jackets would have to be easy to put on and take off, even with a growing baby bump. Zip-in inserts were a must so the jackets could be used while pregnant and later for babywearing. Without the zip-in panels the jackets could be worn later as a normal jacket – Viva la Mama specialises in such innovative designs that help your money go further.

But the absolute top priority for the mom at kindergarten? The jackets have to be great-looking: “Now I’m over the morning sickness I feel great and I want my clothes to show off my beautiful baby bump. AND IT’S GOT TO BE PINK! It’s got to be fresh.”

The New Maternity Jacket Range is Born

Thanks to that chance meeting Gunda went home with her head buzzing with ideas and was soon sat together with co-founder Katja over sketch books and color swatches. Within weeks we had our first prototypes. And, guess who got to try them first? Yes, our friend from kindergarten, who loves the fresh spring colours and practical details: “It’s like these jackets were made just for me! And they’re so comfortable.”

So, just as spring is upon us Viva la Mama proudly presents CLEO our lightweight maternity jackets for spring. Maternity jackets that convert for babywearing and can be worn long after. Practical, stylish and made especially for moms like you. We think you’ll love them for a long time to come.

Maternity Jackets for Spring – Especially for You