Maternity Clothes – Trendy Fashion Beyond Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Expecting a baby is one of the greatest experiences a woman can have. Your feelings are in a turmoil, you have lots of questions and a whole new world is opening up to you.

One of the obvious signs of a pregnancy is your changing body. At the beginning of your pregnancy your normal clothes still fit. However, as your baby bump starts to grow your clothes get tighter and more uncomfortable. Clothes not only look too small on you they will feel too tight and might even give you pains.

Beautiful maternity fashion made by Viva la Mama - pregnant woman wears dress TESSA cassis
Comfortable maternity clothes help to make you feel better and look beautiful

Why put up with such clothes when you actually want to celebrate your pregnant body? We show you how you can enjoy your pregnancy with the right clothes. True maternity fashion you love wearing during your pregnancy, while breastfeeding and long after your baby is born.

Stylish, practical and longlasting.

What makes maternity clothes so different?

The answer is simple: these clothes are designed with the changing body of a pregnant woman in mind. We at Viva la Mama are mums ourselves and know how challenging it can be to find maternity clothes which look stylish, make you feel good and are versatile to use.

Maternity wear at Viva la Mama gives you the freedom to enjoy you growing baby bump and the possibility to discreetly hide a postpartum belly. Wanting to look stylish while still being comfortable is a main criteria why moms-to-be choose maternity clothes fairly early on in their pregnancy.

Maternity fashion from Viva la Mama - four examples of our collection
Viva la Mama maternity clothes leave you enough room for your growing baby bump so that you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy.
Plenty of room for a growing baby bump dress MILLA black customer photo
Comfortable maternity dress

I ordered the dress for the summer. Since I generally like wearing dresses, I did not want to do without them in my pregnancy. At first I was sceptical but after trying it on I didn’t want to take it off. Super comfortable, pleasant material and simply beautiful. Many thanks to Viva la Mama!
Sabrina M.


Viva la Mama maternity fashion celebrates your body

Festive maternity and nursing dress SAMSARA in cobalt-blue - pregnant model wears dress and has one hand under her baby bump and holds a bunch of tulips in the other hand
Feeling great and looking beautiful during pregnancy

Feminine, strong and beautiful! Feel attractive and supported with stylish maternity clothing.
There is no doubt about it: Trendy mums-to-be are seeking stylish maternity clothes.

You want to feel attractive, you want to look fabulous! Hugging your growing bump with a flattering dress in your favourite colour is the perfect way to show your happiness. You‘ll be surprised how many compliments you receive for your beautiful looks. Enjoy it!

What to look out for when buying maternity clothes?

There are a few criteria by which you can easily judge the quality of maternity clothes. While you need to like the look of the dress, shirt or jumper we also show you what else to look out for.

Our Quality Criteria

The looks

The models in our product page photos always show you what your dress, shirt or jumper will look like with a ‘baby bump’.

The material

We use cotton or jersey as material for most of our clothes because they are breathable and light. Jersey with a small percentage of elastan have the advantage that the material stretches and falls back into shape when you don‘t wear it. That‘s why the dress or shirt can grow with your bump.

The cut

To offer you stylish clothes we keep up to date with the latest trends and include them in our special maternity cuts and patterns.

The care

We know that mums are always busy and washing is a daily task on the list of things to do. Therefore we want to keep it simple for you. Wash the clothes at 30°C in the machine. No need to add fabric softener. Just air dry.

The versatility

This should have come first. Because the bonus you get with our maternity clothes is that you can also wear them during your breastfeeding time. All of our maternity clothes are made with easy access to discreetly nurse your baby. AND you can wear the clothes long after your baby is born. The cut, material and the almost invisible breastfeeding access make our maternity clothes unique, versatile and long lasting.

Maternity Clothes – suitable for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby is a good decision. It gives your baby the best start in live. Breast milk is always available, at the right temperature and nutritionally balanced according to your baby‘s needs. After possible first hurdles most new mums find nursing their baby rewarding.

We at Viva la Mama have all breastfed our babies. We want to help you making breastfeeding a good and bonding experience. Therefore a lot of attention goes into the design of our invisible and easy breastfeeding access feature. Because nursing your baby is a private and intimate matter you want to feel comfortable doing so.

You can choose from either a double layer system or invisible zippers. The cuts take into account that your breasts are larger during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Maternity and nursing fashion two in one so that you can enjoy your comfortable clothes for longer.

Extra bonus – maternity clothes you can wear after your baby is born!

A lot of our friends who try and test our clothes are pleased that they can wear the dresses, shirts, jumpers and most jackets as normal clothes. Many mums have confirmed and praised this extra benefit and have sent us photos.

Our 3 in 1 function means you can wear your maternity clothes while you are pregnant. Because of the build in discreet breastfeeding access you can nurse your baby in confidence and privacy wherever you are. When you‘re no longer breastfeeding and are out and about with your toddler you are still gorgeously dressed wearing your favourite shirt.

This makes good value for money. It helps your budget as well as the living planet by making your clothes longer lasting.

Quality without compromise

When it comes to quality we don‘t compromise. As mums ourselves we know that life with a baby and active toddlers is busy. Having good quality clothes which wash well and stay in shape help when you do your laundry.

Here are our three reasons to give you peace of mind

  1. Most of our fabrics are certified according to ECO-TEX® Standard 100
  2. We search out fabrics with a high percentage of cotton
  3. We prefer fabrics like jersey which are breathable and light

Some cuts show your flattering curves better when we use viscose fabrics. Viscose is made from cellulose and feels very soft on your skin. Some mums-to-be develop sensitive skin during pregnancy and need clothes which reduces the risks of allergies and irritations. We then suggest buying dresses made from viscose. They are light, breathable and cooling.

Three suggestions to help you making your maternity clothes longer lasting

  1. Wash inside out at low temperature, preferably 30°C in a delicate cycle
  2. Use a liquid washing detergent
  3. Please do not tumble dry (air dry on a coat hanger)

The manufacturer of our jersey fabrics always recommends not to use fabric softener. The chemicals clog up the fabric structure and reduces breathability. It also helps to reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals in our natural world AND it helps you and your baby. The often strong synthetic smell may irritate the young and sensitive senses of your baby while breastfeeding or babywearing.

Why does maternity clothing cost more?

Jacket CLEO green lies under sewing machine for finishing touches
Quality-Long lasting-Fair prices

Does maternity clothes really cost more? Can your designer shirt stretch up to your nine months baby bump without loosing it‘s shape? Can you breastfeed in your summer dress without exposing tummy and breasts? Do you feel comfortable in your smart but tight jumper with a few post-partum pounds you find hard to shift?

Most normal, pre-pregnancy clothing are simply not suitable for feeling comfortable during your pregnancy. There is no need to hide nor to squash your belly into clothes which are too tight. Celebrate your pregnancy. Celebrate you as mum-to-be and treat yourself to some stylish, comfy and long lasting clothes.

We at Viva la Mama take great care to produce our maternity and nursing fashion under fair conditions. We have lovely and highly skilled women and men sewing for us in a small workshop in our neighbour country Poland. We pay fair wages so that they can also make a living for their families. A winning situation for all of us and our living planet.

Which size do I choose?

Viva la Mama maternity clothes have the same size charts as normal clothes. Usually S, M, L, XL, XXL. We use the international size chart system because we have mums-to-be from all over the world buying from us.

S = EU36   |   M = EU38   |   L = EU40   |   XL = EU42   |   XXL = EU44

The growing space for your baby bump is already included in the pattern/cut and therefore no separate size system is needed. In case a particular garment is of smaller or wider fit we will say so in our product description. If you are not quite sure please send us an email. We are happy to help you.

For most of our babywearing jackets which are also suitable as maternity jackets, we have size charts for you. Either download the pdf from the product description or look at one of the photos which shows the size chart.

Celebrate your new curves and treat yourself to a feminine maternity dress!

Let‘s get dressed!

Browse the different categories and choose your new favourite pieces.

Whether you‘re into maternity dresses, looking for shirts to combine with jeans or skirts or preferring a cosy jumper for the cooler season you can easily fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

Don‘t forget, our maternity clothes are suitable for breastfeeding and last long after your baby is born.

Babywearing parents will be pleased to hear that we offer a wide range of baby carrying jackets for mums and dads. Fleece, sweatshirt or softshell – combine your maternity shirt with a babywearing jacket. Read more about our babycarrying jacket here.

Your Viva la Mama team