Fairly produced clothes

As a mom and conscientious consumer, you rightly want to know how and where our products are made. Here you can learn more about our production process and our standards.

Gunda and Katja in our sewing shop using cut-offs from fabrics to lay Viva la Mama
Gunda and Katja are having fun using offcuts to lay Viva la Mama in our colours

Viva la Mama is a small family run business. We maintain a close and friendly relationship within our team, our suppliers and especially with our sewing shop.

We choose our partners not according to the lowest price, but according to their high quality standards and innovation, the working conditions on site and their communication. This results in a long-term cooperation with regular personal contact and appreciation.

Our sewing shop – a small manufacturer with love to detail

Our sewing shop is only four hours drive away from Berlin, in Bydgoszcz, Poland. There, a total of seven experienced seamstresses sew your clothes by hand, with great care and attention to detail. Unlike big fashion houses there are no changing collections, where thousands of pieces roll off the production line and in the worst case are disposed of after a season.

Once a new model is finished, it is first sewn in very small quantities to test how you like it. If it meets with interest, we produce it in small batches. This flexible production process allows us to adjust the cut of a garment according to your feedback at any time. We make sure that our fabrics are all used in different models and that no shreds of fabric are thrown away.

Although we communicate almost daily with our sewing shop, we also visit it regularly in person. About four times a year we travel to Poland by train and discuss new models, work on new wearing solutions for your kangaroo jackets, visit fabric suppliers and of course get a picture of the production conditions ourselves.

This enables us to personally confirm that fair wages are paid in our factory, that sufficient holidays and breaks are granted and that health and safety regulations are observed. Our seamstresses know us personally now. Therefore they know exactly who they are working for and that they don’t sew anonymous products.

Our fabric suppliers – quality, diversity and sustainability

About 2.5 hours by car from Bydgoszcz is Lodz, a town with a long tradition in the textile industry. Here you can find a wide variety of producers for all kinds of fabrics. For your maternity and nursing fashion we need special fabrics. These should be elastic, easy to care for, breathable and naturally soft as well as pleasant and visually outstanding. Over time we’ve found a small, but fine selection of reliable suppliers. Most of the fabrics we use are certified Eco Tex 100.

On some fabrics, a gentle pigment print is applied in order to obtain particularly beautiful patterns. Due to the proximity to our sewing shop, short transport distances are guaranteed and the environmental impact is thus limited. Some special fabrics are supplied from Germany or the Netherlands.

We also regularly visit fabric fairs to find out the latest fabric trends for you and adapt them in our nursing and maternity fashion.

High quality fashion that you can enjoy with a clear conscience

High quality standards at Viva la Mama and partners - shirt with Viva la Mama heart logo during sewing process
High quality standards at Viva la Mama and partners

Yes, you may pay slightly more for our fashion than you do when buying from big chains. However, we guarantee that you will be able to use them for much longer due to their clever and timeless cuts. The fabrics we use are not only beautiful, but also high quality, nice to your skin and environmentally friendly. Every single piece is designed in Germany and then sewn by hand in our sewing shop to EU standards.

We reduce our packaging as much as possible and reuse cartons. Our shipping with DHL is climate-neutral. In our online-shop you will find extensive size charts to help avoid wrong purchases which, in turn, reduces returns and unnecessary transportation.

Enjoy choosing your new Viva la Mama favourite. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our manufacturing processes. We also invite you to follow our Instagram account. Follow our stories of our visits to our partners and get your own impression of our work.