FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Babywearing Jackets

Breastfeeding Clothes

Can I Return My Order, and How?

Yes, you can return your order within two weeks after you received the parcel. From every country. We enclose a card with information about a return in the package. Please leave all labels and tags on the clothes and if possible, use the original packaging. Use a service which offers you a tracking number. We don’t provide return lables.

Refunds are issued as soon as your returned clothes arrived in good order at our warehouse in Berlin.

Here is our return address:
Viva la Mama
Gunda Streuber and Katja Schaffer GbR
Wilhelmshavener Str. 63
10551 Berlin

Why do I need a baby carrier system?

Some parents have ask us why they need a separate baby carrier system or baby sling with the babywearing jacket. To be clear and open about it: the babywearing jacket is NOT a substitute for a baby carrier system. It can’t be. It won’t be. Because it’s not safe.

A baby carrier system helps you to carry your baby safely. The babywearing jacket keeps you both warm, protected and comfortable because it is a jacket which fits while you’re carrying your baby outside.

A baby carrier system is adjustable and “grows” with your baby. The build in “growth” in our jackets comes with the cut and fabric only. Plus with most of our Viva la Mama jackets you can wear the jacket during pregnancy and after babywearing time as normal and casual jacket. Ideal when out and about with your then toddler in the playground. That’s why our babywearing jackets are so much value for money. Get your baby carrier system in a specialised shop or baby centre. Try out several systems and choose the one which fits your needs and budget.

Again: With all our babywearing jackets you do need a separate baby carrier system or baby sling! Keep your baby safe by wearing it correctly. We help you to stay comfortable, functional and stylish: choose your Viva la Mama babywearing jacket now.

Up to What Age or Weight Can I Carry my Baby in your Baby Carrying Jackets?

You can start carrying your baby right from birth. Baby carrier systems have special newborn or infant inserts you can use. Because very young babies can’t hold their heads alone you need that support. Keep your baby close to your chest.
At this stage you adjust the babywearing insert on the jacket so that you don’t use the head opening until your baby is old enough to support his or her head alone.

Our babywearing jackets are designed for carrying your baby up to two years of age depending on your baby’s weight. Some babies can and want to be carried longer. If you can mangage the weight please do so. Our experience with our own children is that 12kg bodyweight reached the limit for us.

Carrying your baby on your back will be easier the older and heavier your baby gets. If you love hiking or long walks with the dog and other children we recommend a baby carrying jacket for front and/or back carrying.

And don’t forget that you can wear our babywearing jackets as normal and casual jacket after babywearing.

What Size to Choose for My Baby Wearing Jacket?

Choosing your size is easy. All our cuts have the pregnancy “growth” build in. You can choose the size you normally wear or have worn before your pregnancy.

We  follow the international sizing charts.

In case you are in between sizes we recommend as a rule of thump: if you like wearing your clothes more tight and fitting go for the smaller size. If you like your clothes more loose decide on the next size up.

We will say in our product description if a certain model is of normal, small or larger fit.
Please always check the sizes mentioned on the individual product page.

I love My Jacket, But Its too Small. How Can I Change it to the Next Size Up?

You can return your order within two weeks after you received the parcel. From every country. We enclose a card with information about a return in the package.

For an easy and quick change of size we strongly recommend to check in our shop whether your preferred size is available and order it straight away. This ensures that you will get your new jacket in the size you want.
Please send back the other jacket with all labels and preferably in the original packaging.

For more detailed info on return and refunds please click here.

How Do I Care for My New Breastfeeding Shirt?

We are using fabrics which are easy to care for because we know that mums are busy and have no time for ironing (or inclination).

For best results and to make your shirt longlasting wash your shirt with similar colours in the machine at 30°C. We recommend not to use fabric softener. It may reduce the breathability of the fabric, lead to allergic reactions and is difficult to cope with for our living planet.