Babywearing Jackets – Carry your Baby in Style

Drawing of a babywearing mum

You’re planning on carrying your baby or you’re already doing it? Congratulations! You are in good company with many mothers and fathers who naturally integrate baby carrying into their everyday family life. When you carry your baby, you do something good for yourself and your child and you remain mobile and flexible.

We will show you why carrying a baby is so important and how you can make carrying your baby a comfortable experience for both of you.

Baby carrying jackets help foster the bond between mother and baby
That’s how babies like it: to be cuddled up close to their mother. Carrying babies helps with bonding between mother and baby.

Why babywearing is good for your baby

We at Viva la Mama are all experienced mums and can confirm what experts and midwives say. Babywearing is good for your baby:

  • your baby is very close to you and can feel, hear and smell you
  • especially young babies can experience the familiar feeling just like in the womb
  • your baby feels safe and secure and therefore is more relaxed
  • you can recognise and react to your baby’s signals quickly

While you two are so close, you can talk to your baby about anything you see. Your baby hears your voice when you tell him what you’re putting in your shopping cart or watching ducks in the park. This will help him later in his speech acquisition and he will get to know your facial expressions and body language.

Carrying a baby has a positive effect on the development of your baby’s hips. The baby’s thighs are placed around your body so that the hips are flexed and the knees are slightly higher than the bottom. This squat spread position can also help regulate hip dysplasia. Always consult your paediatrician or midwife for advice.

Building an intimate bond with your baby, also called bonding, is supported by baby carrying. Through the closeness you are in constant contact with each other. This is also true for Dad when he carries his little one. In this way you get to know each other and can respond more quickly to your baby’s needs. The baby will usually be much more relaxed, cries less and feels safe and secure with you. This deep love that you feel for your baby, you can pass on and build a fundamental relationship of trust.

Absolutely amazing! Great quality! What I like the most is that it’s long enough to cover my baby’s feet. Also I don’t need to wear scarf. It’s long enough to cover my neck! Overall love love love the product!
Darya M. from Hamburg

Softshell babywearing jacket and maternity coat MELLORY in gray-bordeaux - babywearing model on left and right hand side shows different features
Softshell coat MELLORY in gray-bordeaux gives you and your baby protection all year round.

What do I need for babywearing?

In order to carry your baby, you need a carrying system or a sling. There is a wide range of baby carriers and slings to choose from. Therefore, it is essential that you seek advice from a specialist shop or a carrying consultant. Take the time to find the right carrying system for you and your needs. It’s worth it.

There are good reasons for buying a babywearing jacket

You’ve probably seen mummies in chic carrying jackets before. Now you might be wondering if you should really buy one? Or is it also possible to make do with your husband’s jacket or simply leave your jacket open at the front?

Four good reasons why buying a baby carrier jacket is worthwhile for you as a mom

A baby carrying jacket fits you, guaranteed. No need to leave the jacket open. Less risk of catching a cold because the wind or rain got into your neck and front. No shivering when it suddenly rains, hails or snows. That means you can enjoy your walk with your baby whatever the weather.

Softshell carrying jacket PINA in yellow - babywearing customer wears jacket on beach - customer photo
A strong breeze is blowing here on the coast. Our softshell jacket PINA protects you and your baby from the wind and is breathable. Customer photo.

We call most of our jackets 3 in 1 jackets. Because, except for the model AHOI, which is a pure carrying jacket, you can use all other jackets already during pregnancy. In addition, you can wear the jacket as a normal casual jacket after your baby carrying time or when dad is carrying your baby. This way you will save money and have the benefits of a multifunctional jacket.

You two just look great in your kangaroo look! Not only does the jacket have a great fit, but also many practical details such as a large hood, a 2-way zipper, deep pockets for mobile phone, money, pacifier, handkerchiefs. We make sure that our jackets and coats have a long cut so that the bottom remains covered during pregnancy and later when carrying a baby.

As a babywearing mom you determine your carrying style. With a Viva la Mama carrying jacket you look good and you show personality! And why not? You do a great job and really deserve style!

Four good reasons why buying a baby carrier jacket is good for your baby

You don’t have to worry about your little one getting cold any more. Our cosy jackets keep your baby warm and protected. Legs and arms don’t get cold as they stay inside due to the length of the carrying jacket.

Our fabrics are elastic, breathable and give you both a pleasant wearing comfort. With the 2-way zippers you can always open the jacket a bit and regulate the temperature when needed.

Quilted 3in1 winter maternity jacket NEVADA in navy - customer photo
In our babywearing jackets you can carry your baby comfortably from birth up to approx. 2.5 years. Customer photo.

We are proud of our well thought-out baby carrying inserts. Your baby has an adjustable hood and a neck protection against the wind. Many inserts are adjustable in width and therefore adapt perfectly to the size of your baby. Thus our carrying jackets are equally suitable for newborns and also larger carrying children up to 2.5 years.

Particularly practical for carrying jackets: if your baby should fall asleep during your walk, you only need to take off the jacket when you have arrived. Your baby will sleep peacefully in the carrying system or sling.

Here at Viva la Mama you will find a wide range of baby carrying jackets. Jackets for every taste, situation, season or way of carrying. We consider the wishes of our customers and offer you different cuts, colours and patterns from which you can choose. We value high-quality workmanship that guarantees that our jackets are durable. So you can really enjoy carrying a baby and don’t have to compromise on comfort, weather or style.

What I love about your jackets is the quality and the main idea of baby wearing but also that they stay useful post that stage by removing the baby panel.
Stepanie H. from Munich

3 in 1 Babywearing Coats – which to choose?

Whether you are at home, out and about or on holiday you can carry your baby almost everywhere. With the right jacket you don‘t need to fear the weather forecast.

Here we give you an overview of the most important features of a 3 in 1 jacket.

3 in 1 Coat means

  1. You can already wear the jacket during pregnancy
  2. By inserting the carrying insert you turn it into a practical carrying jacket
  3. Without inserts you own a chic casual jacket

3 in 1 Fleece Jacket

Fleece is a beautiful soft material, which is perfect for spring, cool summer days, the transition period in autumn and also on mild winter days. So you can snuggle up with your baby when you’re out and about.

Babywearing in polar fleece jacket ARCTICA in navy - customer photo
Babycarrying in winter -- in jacket ARCTICA navy you both stay cosy and warm. Customer photo.

3 in 1 Polar Fleece Winter Jackets

If you also prefer a nice warm fleece jacket in winter, you’ll find the right one in our range. Thick warm polar fleece and lined with teddy fleece will keep you and your baby comfortably warm.

3 in 1 Jacket Sweat Material

You’re more comfortable with sweat? Sweat is warm, absorbs sweat, is easy to care for and durable. Therefore this fabric is a good choice for transitional periods, cool summer days and of course also at home.

3 in 1 Softshell Jacket

You’re looking for an all-rounder under the jackets? Then Softshell is the ideal material for active moms (and dads). Breathable, water-repellent and windproof, these are the most appreciated features of this material. The daily walk with your baby and dog, the hiking tour and changeable weather are no longer an issue in a softshell jacket. You’re both protected all year round.

3 in 1 Quilted Winter Coats

You’re expecting a winter baby? You feel the cold more quickly during pregnancy? You live in an area sure of snow? You like it cosy and warm when you go out in the cold season? Then our quilted jackets and coats are just right for you.

Our quilted jackets consist of a layer of with warming and insulating filling, which is also waterproof and windproof, and are additionally lined with Eco Tex certified polar fleece. So you and your baby are guaranteed to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures, snow flurries and wind.

4 in 1 Babywearing Coats – what’s the difference?

Many young moms and dads also want to actively participate in life with children. Go hiking, go on excursions with the family, go on holiday. Everything is also possible with a baby. When the little baby becomes a bigger one, it’s really fun to show your child the environment and go out into nature to explore.

That way you can use our 4 in1 carrying jacket PINA. During pregnancy, for front or back carrying and without inserts as a casual jacket.

Fresh air is good for you and tiring for a small child. If your little ones legs don’t want to carry him any longer, carrying him on your back is a good choice for comfortably covering longer distances. In the long run, carrying your baby on your back is more comfortable and less strenuous than carrying him in front. In addition, you have more freedom of movement.

The majority of carrying systems allow you to carry your baby easily on your back. But not all babywearing jackets are suitable for backcarrying. Viva la Mama has therefore developed a selection of 4 in1 carrying jackets for you. You have the choice to carry your baby at the front or on your back, depending on what’s most suitable for you at the time.

4 in 1 Coat means

  1. You can already wear the jacket with pregnancy insert during pregnancy
  2. Zip-in the carrying insert at the front for front carrying your baby
  3. Zip-in the carrying insert at the back for back carrying your baby
  4. Without inserts you own a practical casual jacket

Jackets for Babywearing Dads

Modern parents share the household and child-raising tasks. The bonding of dad and baby is therefore just as important. What kind of mum doesn’t like to watch her dad cuddle up with her son or daughter, fall asleep, change nappies, bath the baby and take the daily walk in the fresh air?

Dads can choose their suitable mens babycarrying jacket at Viva la Mama. We offer jackets made of fleece, sweat and softshell in different colours for front and back carrying. All jackets have adjustable hoods and pockets. And of course all mens jackets are sporty leisure jackets without the carrying insert.

How to wear a babywearing jacket?

Many parents have ask us how to wear the babywearing coats or jackets? Which insert to put on? How does it work with the baby carrier system?

Watch one of our videos below and see an example of a 3 in 1 model.

Need help to make a decision which babywearing coat is best for you?

We at Viva la Mama know our jackets inside out. After all, they are designed and developed by ourselves in Berlin. We strive to include all the important information you need to make a purchase decision in the product description. The product photos are detailed and expressive. Should you still need help, we will be happy to answer your questions. Please send us a message here.

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