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The Viva la Mama website provides interested professionals and marketers with an affiliate scheme that is fair, transparent and easy to use. Scheme members receive a generous 10% commission on every sale they generate. Payments are made regularly through your PayPal account and you can easily monitor all aspects of your affiliate activity.

In addition, with our affiliate coupon feature you can offer savings via coupons to your clients and followers. You receive a commission every time your coupons are used.

If you’re interested in joining our win-win affiliate scheme please get in touch.

Apply to Join Our Affiliate Scheme

Interested in helping pregnant women and nursing moms find fashionable clothes that are stylish, practical and comfortable? Want to help parents discover the benefits of babywearing while out and about? Then join the Viva la Mama Berlin family and earn money while helping us spread our passion for fashion.

To ensure we can process your application please complete the following form as fully possible.
Note: we use PayPal to pay out commissions and need the email address associated with your PayPal account in order to transfer payments.

    Do you need a coupon code in addition to using referral URLs?

    Log into your affiliate account | Apply to join | Using the scheme

    How to Use Our Affiliate Scheme

    Once your application to join the Viva la Mama affiliate scheme has been approved we will send you an email. You will be told your username, your basic referral URL and, if appropriate, be given your first coupon code to start giving to clients or customers. For security reasons, we will tell you your account password separately. As soon as you receive this you will be able to log into your affiliate account below to generate more specific referral URLs and to monitor your progress.

    Your Affiliate Control Panel

    When you log into your affiliate account you will have access to your control panel:

    Viva la Mama affiliate scheme - referral URL generator

    Here you can see confirmation of your affiliate username and basic referral URL. Give this URL out to clients, customers or followers through your channels to send them to the website. Each time a visitor comes to the site using your referral URL you will receive a 10% commission on everything they purchase. This applies to any purchases they may make within 30 days of their first visit.

    Generating More Specific Referral URLs

    When sending clients, customers or followers to the Viva la Mama website it is often better to send visitors to a specific page such as an individual product or product category. Experience shows that visitors sent to more specific pages convert more often, meaning more commission for you.

    To generate more specific referral URLs first navigate to the page on the Viva la Mama website that you wish to share. Copy the URL for the page in your browser address bar and paste that into the ‚Page URL‘ field in the Referral URL Generator within your affiliate control panel. Next, click on the ‚Generate URL‘ button to create your specific referral URL ready to share:

    Viva la Mama affiliate scheme - specific URL generator
    If you wish to track the success of your URLs more carefully you can enter the name of your campaign in the ‚Campaign Name‘ field, e.g. newsletter, twitter or blog.

    Once your link appears simply copy and paste the complete link to use within your marketing:

    Viva la Mama affiliate scheme - copying a specific URL
    Sharing links to specific product or product category pages leads to more conversions and more commission.

    You may generate as many specific referral URLs as you need.

    Using Coupon Codes as Part of the Affiliate Scheme

    Using coupon codes as part of the affiliate scheme is even simpler. Share the coupon code given to you with your clients, customers or followers. When they use the coupon during checkout on the Viva la Mama website they will automatically receive the discount that we have agreed with you. Your affiliate account will be credited with 10% of the total net value of the goods bought. This applies to all purchases they make using your coupon.

    The ‚Coupon‘ tab in your affiliate control panel shows active coupons that are linked with your account and will generate commission for you:

    Viva la Mama affiliate scheme - seeing available coupons to share
    Here you see a coupon code for an affiliate to give out called ‚TestCoupon‘ that gives clients or customers a 10,00€ discount during checkout.

    Visits, Statistics, Referrals and Payouts

    Other tabs within your affiliate control panel allow you to monitor your affiliate activity and success.

    The Visits tab lists all visits to the Viva la Mama website using your basic and specific referral URLs and shows whether they converted or not.

    The Statistics tab provides more comprehensive figures on visits, campaigns, the number of referrals, conversion rates, and earnings. Here you can always see how much money has previously been paid out to you in commissions and how much is due to be paid out in the next payment period.

    The Referrals tab gives you a breakdown of every successful referral that earns you a commission. Here you can see when a product was bought, what the product(s) was, your earnings and the referral status.

    The Payouts tab shows you a list of all payments made to you as an affiliate, including dates, amounts, payment methods and status.

    Please note: no information that can identify individual Viva la Mama Berlin customers is ever shared.

    Changing Your Affiliate Settings

    In the control panel Settings tab you have two options. If you ever change the email address associated with your PayPal account you can let us know here. Enter your new email address in the ‚‚ field and save your settings.

    Important: without your current email address associated with PayPal we are unable to make automated payments to you.

    By default, your affiliate account email address will receive an automated email from the Viva la Mama website each time you make a successful referral. This email will tell you how much commission you will earn on that sale. If you no longer wish to receive these emails just untick the ‚Enable New Referral Notifications‘ option and save your settings.

    Working Together for Success

    Viva la Mama is proud to offer a fair, transparent and easy to use affiliate scheme. We hope you enjoy working together with us. We want to provide your clients, customers and followers with maternity and nursing clothes that are stylish, practical and comfortable. We want to work in partnership with you and would love to hear your comments, thoughts and ideas. Join our affiliate scheme today and become part of the Viva la Mama family.

    Log into your affiliate account | Apply to join | Using the scheme

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