About Us and You

Since we started Viva la Mama Berlin we‘ve helped pregnant women and babywearing mums to look their best during this very special time of their lives. We‘ve sold many baby carrier jackets to happy mums and dads. Many new mums received a Viva la Mama babywearing jacket or maternity shirt as a gift from family and friends.

Really, our ‚About Us‘ page is about you: mums and mums-to-be who are looking for stylish whilst practical clothing during maternity and breastfeeding. Clothes which don‘t break the bank and can ideally be worn long after your baby is born. That‘s how we started and and that‘s why you are here.

By the way, I have to congratulate you on filling this huge void in the market for stylish, comfortable AND practical coats that carry one from pregnancy to the first year or so of the baby‘s life. You guys rock! Thanks so much!
Rosalinda S.

About Us

We, Gunda and Katja, have been best friends since primary school. As we got older and interested in looks and fashion we always dreamt of sewing and selling clothes which are different. We couldn‘t and still can‘t stand mass produced cheap stuff lasting three wash circles, if you‘re lucky. Although we studied law (yes, together!) we soon decided that we didn‘t want to get stuck behind dry paper work in sticky offices.

Then our children came along (yes, three each and almost together but not planned that way, honestly!) and we grabbed our chance. Because we couldn‘t find maternity and nursing clothes we liked we investigated the subject deeper. We wanted clothes which are suitable for every day life, not a cat walk show-off dress made of silk. Clothes which mums like us and you can wear which don‘t look like a circus tent, too big, too shabby and in dull colours. Clothes you can wear with a baby or toddler while doing normal household stuff like going shopping, taking the kids to the playground or dropping them off at pre-school. Clothes you can feel comfortable with and are easy to care for. We thought: „We can do that“.

Gunda and Katja at Viva la Mama Berlin
Gunda and Katja at Viva la Mama Berlin

We were the first ones to offer babywearing jackets for mums who wanted to carry their baby. This was particulary essential when living in a city. Pushing a pram through narrow streets, getting up or down huge stair cases for the metro, cramming into the tram to go to the doctor or holding a toddler at bay while dealing with an unsettled baby are only a fraction of the everyday things we mums have to cope with. We‘ve been there, and done that. We know what it is like having three small children, getting along, juggling daily life.

Such a cute sweater and you can‘t tell it‘s a nursing sweater which means I can continue to wear it long past when I am done nursing!
Leanne K.

About you

Isn’t it wonderful to show off your baby bump? How often do you look into the mirror in awe? Your very own baby growing inside you!

Looking pretty and feeling comfortable during pregnancy is a must. We want you to celebrate your new looks with stylish and practical clothes.

We all breastfed our children and know how important it is to do so as discreetly as possible. Although the Germans seem to be more tolerant and natural with breastfeeding in public we know from friends and customers that not everybody is the same. In some countries it is still called a shame to publicly meet a baby‘s basic need for food.

Therefore, we take great care to include almost invisible nursing access in our shirts, jumpers and dresses. We also think of your budget, Why have a lovely jumper just for a few months when it could last so much longer?

Because we know what is practical and works in day to day life we design all our clothes with features to give you the most benefit. From mums for mums.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us what you like about our clothes and how they helped you during pregnancy and your nursing time. And send us a photo of you babywearing with one of our comfy jackets! We love seeing content and happy babies! If you have any questions, suggestions, or perhaps even compliments, we‘d love you to get in touch.